CBR Trip: Part 2

Part two in the Canberra Easter long weekend chronicles.

 After a pritty loose Sat night with $3 spirits happy hour and a bottle of wine at the Phoenix we decided to have a chill sunday and skate some parks.Dean snapped this ollie for me at Belco.
 We moved on to Woden. Sinner hanging some Korean Air
Back D
 Todd Baker, Feebles through the tight pool corner
 Front feebs to fakie
Next day. Philly C gettin revenge on this out ledge with a back boardy.
 Phil made friends with security at the next spot.

 This girl will one day be in the magazine's she's holding.
 Indy the dog
 Phill susses out ANU rail for a boardy for a pack of smokes. CK aint got nothing
  Indy about to cop board
Like a Boss
Next spot was amazing, Public holy day only spot.
 There was this crazy wallie thing there too.
Tom did the Wallie with ease. Apologize for the shitty photo as we got the boot real quick.
Our last day in CBR. We meet up at this ditched spot.
 Despite layers of wax she didn't grind to well
 Sinner got it grinding with this 5-0 though
Floyd battled for this no comply b/s tail
 Leg holes
Next spot was these flat gaps.
Nico was hucking hardflips.
 Then we got the boot from this angry lady
 Nico didn't seem to mind
then she threw Deans board at him
 Floyd on his preferred mode of transport.

Dean Johnston can kickflip, while Cheney and Todd lurk.
Last spot of the trip was these Insano's banks. We all had a rad session then hit the 8hr road back to Melbourne at 6pm.