Went for a 5 day trip up to Sydney to get out of ball freezing Melbourne to do some skateboarding and take some happy snaps. Meeting up with Todd Baker, Rob Crawford, Philly Crozier and Dean Johnson out in Manly so I had to catch the fairy across the bay.

Warf vibes

Can't be a trip to sydney without a Opera House shot

and another

Kicked off skating the next day with some birds 
eye shots out of the hostel. Deanrr Tre's


 Our guide for the day Olly West, Bonked this 
rail while I blew it with the timing.

 Scenic Nose manny, Todd 'Booty'Baker

 Philly Crozier

 Instagram vs SLR

 Fairy ride to the city got a little weird. 

 Todd snapped some ollies on the Museum bank. Props to everyone who's got a trick on the top of this thing, ain't easy to skate.

 Sydney has some creepy frickn birds

 Me creepin on some birds

Sir Robert Crawford

DNL crooks on this high arse ledge at cannonball. Olly West

Two fingers down for parking inspectors.


I brought a little compact SLR Nikon J1 on the trip and Dean snapped this photo of ollie jumping over two poles with it.

 Dean got his jump on over at the Darling Harbour.

Shaka bros

 Toddy with a Nollie Shuv B/s Noseblunt Revert ? He did a way better one but some hussy walked into my frame.

Hostel we stayed at was dope. Two blocks from the beach, fridge in the room for beers and close to the bars.

 Nek day we hit up waterloo and russel crow park. 
Phill spent some time his ass. big rig 4 life

 New metal banks next to the park at waterloo where fun. 

 Collar poppin swag.

Todd got busy on this bank

Todd Baker w/ a Pop-Shuv crooks at Russel Crowe's bloody ledges

Went for a bit a night mission round Manly that night. Cops where out in force and Todd got lost in some leaves.

Nek day Robert Crawford man with the wheels 
was MIA so we did a lot of this.

Then we did some drinking on the fairy.

Night angles in the city.

 Sir Robert Crawford finally showed up with his light. 

Todd bashes out a high crooks while big statue guys overlooks.

Phil was in his element that night on Oxford Street

Olly West, nosewheelie

We did some more waiting for Rob.

I found a stalkerish vantage point to creep on Todd n Olly

Olly with a Ollie up to quick Ollie. Say that 3 times fast

We got to 'the ghetto spot' and had a shralp. 
It was full of larkers so we peaced out.

 Deanrr Johnson snaps a ollie over this bar.

Then got all cute... 

 ... and got un-cute

We skated this dope uni spot as it got dark.

I gave todd an epileptic fit trying to shot 
a sequence of this 50-50 to backtail.

Spot sussss

Last day in sydney and we made it back to 'the ghetto spot' 
minus all the larkers killing it. Olly was killing the spine thingy. 5-0 off the end.

 And blunt to back D's.

 Plus a few shaka moves

Ghetto lines

 Todd with a howard grind transfer thingy

Backside nosepick, Olly West