So Damn East

The canadians where in town searching for some east spots and MDTF.
Brent's got his cookie full.
Casual run up for this spot

Drop & give me...
Run up for this spot gave Brent a good work out

Herman's Ghetto spot in Thornbury. So fun! Carson with a feeble
Brent 'Bender' Hanson, Pivot Fakie.
Brent looking sad on a concrete lump.

Batesoo at Drainoohhs

Brent 'Baby Face' Hanson

Noseblunt Slider, Matt Bates

Brunswick coloured ledge with a few different angles of Dan Oh Fs boardslide

Bender with a Fitzy bowl Bs Smith
CBD session and skate hoe's
Skate school for skate hoe's
We heading back to this spot for Brent to have another crack.

Titty sweat in the Melbourne heat wave
Street Euro, Brent and Beau digga gettin busy