Heading north to the beautiful bay area of San Fransico. 
A view from a really tall hill

Built to skate spot in the Golden Gate park - Waller Street ledges

Hooked up with these two Swiss fellas staying at the Green Tortoise Hostel. 

3rd lines! Jordan tailsliding for Adi's camera

The next move in the line.

Next we hit this SF classic

Working girls making there grand exist for Jordan.

Switch manny steeze

Switch manual the wrong way, Geneva's Jordan Queijo

Next we headed over to the Treasure Island. Lil John checking out this 4 step ledge.


  Adi Good with a casual backtail

 One of the men behind City State of Mind, George and Danny gettin clips 

 Sunset view of the Bay Bridge

 Frisco City!!

 Bay view panorama