Canadian Special

A Bunch of homies are in town from the land of maple. We hit up the Geelong waterfront the other day in the hot hot heat.

Matt Baits is back!

Brent Hanson with the wifey beata backlip


Staple diet of bread and peanut butter
5-0 for da boys at Angelsea

Cree Forbes is back too!! Feeling the heat at High street

Went to the UNO guys ghetto spot.

Backtiz, Cheers Cree

Mac, Front Rocker 
Next day was a scorcher so the kiddy pool go sessiond hard
On the Stoops
Sausage and Taco fest in the pool
Lennon Cree smokes it up

We ended up tripping back down the coast. Fun session at Point Lonsdale.

Heading over to Barwon Heads

Handsome Dano with a holiday crooks claw
Backlip cuzzz

Dano 50-50 with one of Melbourne's finest ales
Nek minnut