New Orleans - Louisianna

After San Francisco we made our way south through Austin, Texas and then onto New Orleans, Louisianne. The dirty south of America. A city that still looks pritty shook up from Hurricane Katrina 8 years back.

Our first day out skating we hit up Parasites DIY skatepark for a BBQ and sunday session.


Nosebonk b/s 180

Zac was spinning b/s 360

Our host with the most, Thai Phan-Quang

Hangtime over the BBQ 1/2 volcano

The Local shop, owned and run by Phil Santosuosso 
           Pre-skate stretch up
Phil powers through a nigh time ollie in Downtown, New Orleans
Bluntslide, Phil
Phil and Thai getting the after dark lines

Stephen Serrano gettin all Stevie on a noseslide
Tittay City, Noseslide transfer
Another day back at Parasites with Stephen. Switch blunt sliding

This Harry dude was ripping the tranny pocket, Lipslide
Layback 5-0
Loui Amrstrong Park

Bank spot alongside the Mississippi 
Phil - Frontside Pivot

We where trying to shoot something else but ended up gettin the boot. Thats all from New Orleans, I had such a rad visit. Thanks for hooking it up Phil and Thai!!