A Week in Toronto.

Here's an assortment of shots from the streets of Toronto, CA. Shot back in May 2013. Much thanks to Duncan and the Macnaughtons for putting me up while I was in town and all the homies that showed me around skating.  
A days skating in Toronto usually starts off or ends up at this spot. Bobby de Keyzer front blunts on the Court House benches.
From front blunts to loosing a board in big ol' lake Ontario
Trying to spot bobby's board floating
Viking ship?

A nice set but a quick bust
Justin David - Backtail
Justin - Ollies

... and B/s 180.
View from the trees
John - Back Tailslide
Butter machine Duncan slides one out
Hot Dudes #1 John

The warm up spot the next day had some pritty reflections of a high rise.
Bobby Switch Heelflips through the purrrty light
Jordan Moss packing heat for the Element Canada video.

Bobby Front Tails across this ruggedy ass 3step
Hot dudes #2 Rohan
Fakie crail block slide to finger flip
Blunt surprise
Started off the day with a Ashbridges Plaza session
 Pauls got them backtails
 and Bobbys got the Back noseblunts
 Heated Court house session. Bobby b/s 180 nosegrind
 Who need's TV when you can watch Morgan Smith destroy this spot!

Mitch Donavan went to work on this TD gap.
 and 2 tries later security are on it.
Lee Yankou working out the best way up these 5 stairs.
Lee kickflip, first go

 Fat double stacks
 Jon Cos hardflip attempt before the boot

 A Lee Yankou spot

 Gap to outledge
 Security where on it right away.
 Perfect 3 block and more secky presh
 Canada's el toro